Praise From Our Readers

Below, a few of the kind words we have heard from readers over the last few years.
We thought you should know.

No question about it, you are the best thing since sliced bread. - JB

Sir, Your newsletter is priceless. - MT

Your letter and website information and analysis are excellent.... - WL

I've not enjoyed reading anything in the last few years which has given me quite as much pleasure. - JZ

As an individual technical trader located in Boston, I always look forward to your articles. This one is spectacularly thorough and thought out. Kudos to you on a job well done. . - CS

Thank you for your vigilance. It is a comfort to get your input. - RC

We continue to appreciate the original and objective analysis that Crosscurrents provides, especially the issues that Wall Street ignores (or is too self-deluded to observe). The current issue covering pro forma "earnings" was eye-opening as always.... - DM

I am extremely pleased with your newsletter and will definitely be subscribing. There are numerous things I like about it and I can not think of a single thing that I don't like. I like your writing style and the fact that you are not sugar coating anything. I like the (formerly) tight stop recommendations, that it's biweekly, that you are backing up a lot of what you are saying with graphs and showing them to us, and I especially like the in-between letter updates to your web site. Its a good complement to my only other subscription letter (and its cheaper). I would highly recommend your letter to anyone invested in the market. It is more than worth the subscription price. - FA

I just read your December 17th report. It is absolutely a "Pulitzer" caliber! - RB

I am so pleased with your sane commentary and judgment, it is a pleasure subscribing to your publication. - RF

I have 62 years in the market and really appreciate your great analyses. - RG
I thought you zeroed in on the problem with the financial and accounting industry. Absolutely excellent, outstanding! - RB

I look forward to each issue with an almost childlike sense of anticipation. - TK

Your Crosscurrents letter is the best I have seen in many years and you are to be commended for your clear and lucid ideas. - JR

You always have the most sobering accounts and perspectives. - DW

I live in fear of missing even one of your messages. I can't believe how right you've been, and I don't understand why everyone else doesn't subscribe. - KJ

Your work is the best i have seen in the 45 years I have been a player.....Thanks for the opportunity to read your letters. - VL

Your work is right on and incredibly refreshing in a world where lies and myths are perpetuated. - TM

I just finished reading your latest report and want to thank you for your great work. I truly admire your most intelligent reports. I hope Crosscurrents will continue as a beam of light. - GT

Bravo! Objective analysis is a rare commodity. We value your work greatly. - JC

Thanks and keep up the great work. Your analysis of the market environment has been outstanding. - AA

I appreciate the extra effort in the very troubling times that we are in. Many question I had about your work has been answered in recent updates. I am truly amazed at the honesty and integrity in your views. And the ability to admit a mistake or a change in directions without trying to save a sinking ship with possible charts or others input to just make your assumptions correct. This is all about making money and am truly honored to have your insights on my side. Again appreciate all the extra effort... - CZ

I must admit that you write if not the best, then one of the best market analysis ever. - AA

Your commentary is probably one of the best in the markets. Crosscurrents sets a standard in market analysis. - SS

I just want to thank you for your wonderful investment insights and terrific writing in your various Crosscurrents articles, graphs, etc. Your wisdom and ability to articulate intelligent contrary opinion is refreshing...and "right on." - LS

We give thanks for the few people of integrity, like yourself, that continue to tell the truth in the face of gale force winds of ignorance....bravo Alan!....we need you. - BR

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