Over the last 25 years, Crosscurrents has gained an enviable reputation for Powerful Commentary and Unique Perspectives.  Many of the charts you will see in Crosscurrents have never been seen anywhere else.  Much of the commentary is controversial, not just for the sake of controversy, but because the common wisdom is worthless.

Have you seen the kudos listed here?  They're real and we still have the original emails to prove it.  And there are over a hundred more we just do not have the room to show.  More than 10% of our subscribers still have more than a year remaining on their subscriptions, testament to our value.  We're not sure anyone else in the business can make that claim.  In the last five years, we have had a grand total of only 5 cancellations.  We're not sure anyone else in the business can make that claim either. 

On this page, we present a link to a sample issue for your edification.  The linked issue will typically be several months old.  If you like what you see, please feel free to order a free three-issue trial (see banner below).

The September 29, 2014 Issue

The Most Bizarre Stock Market In History.

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